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  Timing Controller IC for 5", 7" TFT LCD
   1.Genernal Description
This timing controller is a CMOS LSI controlling for various analog TFT-LCD panel (Stripe Type: 480x234, 400x234, 320x234, Delta Type: 160x234) at any company panel. It accepts video synchronization signal (composite sync) and provides all the necessary timing signals to control the LCD source and gate drivers. Built-in PLL sub-function with external VCO and low pass filter circuits produces system clock which synchronizes input composite synchronization signal. Especially, the internal noise filter with more than 70 taps is added to separate HSYNC(Horizontal Sync) and VSYNC(Vertical Sync) signal from CSYNC(Composite Sync) carried noise like TV signal.
It supports any company analog panel ( including sharp panel ) and small size delta type panel.
The panel lists supported is as followings: