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  D-class Stereo Audio Amp with 4 Effect
   1.Genernal Description
The ALL-SOUND® is a 3D enhancement device, so that it is the most suitable LSI as a sound source output device which is used in mobile phones for high functional game sounds or quality ringing melodies, and so on.
It can be adopted to any portable devices and two speaker systems. No additional processing hardware device or software algorithm is needed for the established bell contents(16-,40-,64- poly),stereo midi,MP3 and any audio contents when it is used. This device has 4 modes that is middle band for Voice, Low and High band for Music, Mono for bell sound and Bypass for original sound. User can control frequency and effect gain by external variable capacitance in system board. The algorithm of this device is Phasing and Matrixing technology.
This device is a 1-W stereo bridge-tied-load(BTL) class-D amplifier designed to drive a speaker with at least 4-Ω impedance. It also allows the device to be connected directly to the speaker without the use of the LC output filter commonly associated with class-D amplifiers(this results in EMI that must be shielded at the system level). These features make the device ideal for use in devices where high efficiency is need to extend battery run time.
The class-D BTL amplifier includes depop circuitry to reduce the amount of turnon pop at power up, and when cycling PD.
It combines a Class-D stereo speaker amplifier delivering 450mW per channel into 8Ω load. It integrates the audio amplifiers, power management control, and Pointchips 3D enhancement all into a single package
1. +2.7V to +5.5V Single-Supply Operation
2. 1W/channel Output Power at 5V
3. 450mW/Channel Output Power at 3V
4. 84% Efficiency((RL = 8Ω, Po = 1W)
5. Pointchips 3D enhancement
6. Ultra low shutdown current 1uA
7. Click and Pop Suppression circuit
8. 4 distinct modes
9. Low Output Noise
10. Variable surround effect by external capacitance
11. CMOS Technology
12. MicroLead Frame™ package available