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  USB High Speed IC
   1.Genernal Description
GP3680 is a High speed USB 2.0 Device that implements the communication between
PC and Application just like SRAM interface.
It looks exactly like USB Device from PC, but looks like SRAM from the Application point
of view; even PC will also look like SRAM from the application. Therefore, PC and USB
communication can be implemented easily through GP3680.
GP3680 has two additional strong points. The one is JTAG controller, the other is UART.
Through the JTAG, PC can control the system direct or download data to EEPROM.
By UART, the developer can check the internal status of F/W in real time.
GP3680 I/O voltage range is 1.65 ~3.6V. It can be connected to other components
GP3680 has high bandwidth that makes your system outstanding.
16K SRAM of F/W will give you the chance to reduce the development time and change
F/W easily.
The Power consumption is designed to be minimized with USB plugged out.
   2.H/W Features
1. Supports USB2.0 Specification
2. Very Easy Interface
It looks like USB Device, and Application will see it as SRAM.
3. Easy to Change Firmware
16K SRAM makes the Firmware to be changed easily.
JTAG makes you convienient.
UART make you develop the system easily.
6. PLUG-IN & Application Ready Detect Function
It prevents the system from working wrong and minimizes the power consumption to
less then 10μA.
7. Wide range I/O voltage (1.65 ~ 3.6V)
8. High Data Bandwidth (Max : 30 MByte/16 bit, 15Mbytes/8 bit)
9. Supports 16/8 bit data bus
10. Supports Async/Sync Data Interface
11. Selectable Interface signal Polarity
12. Remote Wake-up
13. Serial ROM Firmware
Firmware can be downloaded througth Serial ROM.
14. Supports GPIO (Max: 8EA)
15. VBUS indication
16. Supports 15 Endpoints, also supports each of Endpoint’s IN/OUT mode.
17. Supports USB 2.0 High and Full Speed (480Mbps/12Mbps).
1. Mobile Phone
2. MP3 Player
3. PDA(Personal Digital Assistant)
4. DMB
5. Digital Camera
6. Printer
7. Scanner
8. Modem