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  One Chip Capacitive Contact Sensor IC( Touch Sensor IC )
   1.Genernal Description
The PP816X is an extremely low-power single-chip controller for capcitive touch sensing user interface.
Touch-sensitive controls are increasingly in home appliances, consumer, industrial and mobile electronics, and in computers and peripherals. Capacitive touch controls allow designers to create stylish, functional, and economical designs which are highly valued by consumers, often at lower cost than the electrical solution they replace.
The PP816X provides extremely low power operation, transparent to the host. Power consumption is reduced to just the circuit’s leakage when all channels are released. Also, PP816X has OTP 8KB, RAM256B and RAM64B. This can be possible to use as general purpose. 4- cycle CPU offers a fast and efficiency.
A wide range of integrated peripherals and OTP offer various applications. Flexible GPIOs also will give you chance to make your new products easily. 3/16
CPU - 8051 CPU core compatible instructions - High performance CPU : 4Cycles/1-machine cycle
Memory - Include 8K Bytes OTP ROM - Include 256 Byte Sync RAM - Include 64 Byte Sync RAM
Interrupt - 30 external interrupt source with three vector, each source has its pending bit
GPIO - all 32 bits - 16 GPIO : Pull-Up Control, Open-Drain, falling Interrupt - 16 CPIO : available to use GPIO Pull-Up Control, Open-Drain 16 bit
Timer/Counter - Timer Clock is Sub RC Clock.
Watch-Dog Timer - Watch dog clock selection - Watch dog enable(enable bit +enable register value)
3-Channel ADC RC Oscillator with Crystal Oscillator - Main RC : 2MHz, Sub RC :
Operating Temperature Range - -40ºC to +120ºC
Operating Voltage Range - 2.4V to 5.5V
Package - 40-MLF, 28-MLF, 24-MLF, - 44-QFP, 48-QFP - 44-TQFP, 48-TQFP
1. Industrial Keyboards
2. Home Device : Set-top-boxes DVDs Home theater Digital TVs Digital Cameras Remote Controls GPS
3. Computer & PC peripherals : Printers Scanners Notebooks Keyboards Mics Monitors and display
4. Building Security : Alarm system Security key panel