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  USB Host Controller IC
   1.Genernal Description
The PP5100 single-chip controller is designed for USB 2.0 USB Full Speed and Low Speed USB Host Applications.
Specifically Designed for Embedded Systems, Mobile Communications, and Consumer Products and especially optimized for USB Host MP3 Systems.
The PP5100 support one port USB Host Functions with USB Full Speed and Low Speed operations. When PP5100 meets USB Full Speed Device, it can support all type of USB Full Speed Transfers that is Interrupt /Control /Bulk/ Isochronous Transfers.
When PP5100 meets USB Low Speed Device, it can support all type of USB Low Speed Transfers that is Interrupt /Control Transfers.
Stop and Idle power-down(Suspend) modes were implemented to reduce power consumption.
Using the PP5100 design approach, the following peripherals were integrated with the USB Root Hub core and USB 2.0 Full Speed and Low Speed Serial Interface Engine core and USB Host Controller ore and Internal USB Bus Power Supply and Over Current Detection blocks.
- 8bit data bus and 8bit address bus for asynchronous memory bus and MCU interface - 8bit GPIO Interface
- 1 interrupt indicate pin
- Embedded 12Mhz to 48Mhz PLL for Low EMI radiation - 48 TQFP Package
- VDD supply voltage is 4.75 ~ 5.25V, VIO supply voltage is 1.65 ~ VDD+0.3V

The PP5100 is versatile USB Host Controller that can be used in a wide range of Full/Low speed USB Host support general purpose applications. It is especially suitable for use as a MP3 Host system or PMP and and USB Audio with Watch & Alarm system available in a 48 Pin TQFP size.
USB SD MMC Host controller IC
   1.Genernal Description
PP6580 is USB2.0 high speed device it has USB SD Host Function and analog switch function to select external SD card.
The PP6580 can make high speed rate When the PC wants to transmit data to SD Card through USB. if an external application wants to access SD/MMC card, then it can be access SD/MMC card directly by controlling the internal analog switch of PP6580 without changeover the firmware of pplication. Therefore all of applications will be able to use high speed transmission function of USB and SD Host function of Application.
The PP6580 has lots of advantage that they can reduce every pains to develop and verify of product.
Also all of mobile system applied PP6580 will reduce the develop term and cost by this function.
1.Supports USB2.0 / USB1.1 Specification - High Speed 480Mbps / Full Speed 12Mbps
2. SD Host Controller - It looks like USB device on USB Host side; it looks like direct SD card on application side.

3. Analog Switch for the selection of SD Host Controller. - Both PC and application can share SD card by using analog switch that changing SD Bus.
4. USB cable PLUG-IN/OUT Detect Function - By detecting Plug-in status, analog switch can be changed to application - When Plug-out, the current consumption is minimized (under 1uA)
5. Supports SD Memory Card Protocol Verison1.10 - Max 20M-byte/sec @ 48MHz SD clock
6. Supports MMC Bus Protocol Verison4.1 - Max 20M-byte/sec @ 48MHz MMC clock
7. Supports I2C communication - For communication between PP6580 and application: transfer descriptor

8. Mini-PLL - It can accept external clock 12MHz, 13MHz, 19.2MHz, and 26MHz - It can use an external 12MHz X-Tal.

9. USB1.1 Switch. - The existing USB1.1 can be used when not operating with USB to SD card function.

10. Internal Regulator - Input: 5V - Output: 3.3V / 1.8V
1. Mobile Phone
2. PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)
3. Car Navigation System
4. DMB
5. Digital Camera