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  Microcontroller IC with USB function for USB keyboard, USB Mouse, USB security
   1.Genernal Description
The PP2106 is Mask ROM microcontroller. The PP2105 microcontroller is also available in 8-bit RISC
OTP(One Time Programmable) version. The instruction set has been optimized specifically for USB
operations, although the microcontrollers can be used for a variety of non-USB embedded applications.
The PP2105/PP2106 features 34 General-Purpose I/O(GPIO) pins to support USB and other applications.
The Pointchips microcontrollers use an external 6-MHz ceramic resonator and crystal to provide a reference
to an internal clock generator. The clock generator reduces the clock-related noise emissions (EMI).
The PP2106 have a capacitance of oscillation for XI and XO. Therefore it is possible to RC oscillator.
Stop power-down modes were implemented to reduce power consumption.
The PP2105 has 16K bytes of programmable EPROM on-chip.
The PP2106 has 16K bytes of Mask Rom Type.
Using the PP2105/PP2106 design approach, the following peripherals were integrated with the 8051 core :
- Five configurable I/O ports (34 pins)
- 26 bit-programmable pins for external interrupts
- Two 16-bit timer/counter with four mode

The PP2105/PP2106 is versatile microcontroller that can be used in a wide range of low speed USB support general purpose applications. It is especially suitable for use as a PS/2 & USB keyboard controller or USB
Security key and available in is 48 TQFP, 40 MLF 6X6 package.