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  USB flash Controller IC for USB drive
   1.Genernal Description
PP2366A is a flash memory controller, which can be used for implementation of flash
memory storage device with USB2.0 High-speed interface. The controller embeds
USB2.0 transceiver compliant with USB 2.0 High-speed, and it is designed for
providing state-of-the-art data exchange technology between USB host and storage
device. The PP2366A has an embedded Phase Lock Loop (PLL), which supplies all
clocks needed in the controller, and it only needs an external clock operating in 12MHz.
In addition, the controller has write-protection ability to prevent over-writing data to
flash. In order to get the accuracy of secure data during data transfer, the function of
Error Correction Code (ECC) is provided. The PP2366A has been optimized to support
NAND flash memory products of Samsung, Toshiba and Sandisk MLC. The PP2366A
specially supports AG-AND flash memory product of Renesas.
PP2366A is fully plug-and-play compatible with Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows
XP, Windows CE, and Linux OS 2.4 & above, and it also works with Mac OS version 9.0
or above without any driver installation. And Windows 98 driver is available.
   2.H/W Features
Enhanced CPU
Supports USB 2.0 High-speed
Surpports BOT(Bulk only Transport) v1.0 of the USB command verifier
Supports suspend and resume mode (suspend current of system is less than 500uA)
Embedded PLL/USB2.0 Transceiver for internal USB operation
Built-in Voltage Level Detector and Reset (LVD/R) for stable operation
Built-in ECC function (1 bit correction and fail detection over 2 bits per 256 byte)
Low power consumption (under 100mA)
Supports Samsung & Toshiba NAND Flash
Supports Toshiba & Sandisk MLC Flash
Supports Renesas AG-AND Flash
Supports ST Microelectronics/Hynix Flash
Maximum Flash memory size: 32Gbit (4Gbit * 8ea)
Small package (48TQFP)
Supports 8bit/16bit Flash Memory Application
1) supports 8-bit (x8) Flash Memory up to 8pcs
2) supports 16-bit (x16) Flash Memory up to 2pcs
   3. S/W Features
Supports security function and production information control
Supports automatic bad block management
Fully plug-and-play compatible with Win ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Window
CE, Linux OS 2.4 & above, Mac OS 9.0 & above. Win98 driver is available.
Supports up to 8 zones including Normal Zone, Security Zone, Private Zone, and
CD ROM Zone for each logical drive.
Supports USB-ZIP, USB-CD and USB-HARD bootable function.
Configurable Vender ID /Product ID (VID/PID)
Supports two types of formatting method - quick format and full format.
7 types of LED Speed Control
USB CD-ROM AutoRun Function